Welcome to Hair & Beauty Surrey

Thank you for visiting my site my name is Sarah and my passion has always been hairdressing.

I really enjoy colouring and styling but also love to do wedding hair and makeup.

Its so important to do a job you enjoy and I’m one of the lucky ones who does. I started out young and just fell into wedding hair it came naturally to me but also I have had some great teachers along the way.

Ive been doing makeup for 3 years now and do mainly bridal and special occasions this work so nice along wedding hair and couldn’t wait to do together.

Ive been very privileged to work with some wonderful brides throughout my career and feel my experience made me adapt to every bride in different ways to the look they desire.

I never rush a trail and don’t put a time frame on this appointment as this is the time we can go through everything we need to.

Its so important you learn to trust relax and enjoy your experience of your hair trail and main day.

As a hairdresser with today’s busy lifestyles I have found my work is growing more and more popular with home visits. My clients love the idea of me visiting them and not having to leave home and still have the up and coming looks.

I tend  to do lots of colouring and only use professional products from Wella to Loreal,

I can visit you to style your hair or simple hide your greys or transform you to a different look the choice is yours.

sarah x